Wesley Chapel Weddington Athletic Association

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WCWAA Goalkeeper Camp 2012

Director:      Kerry Cooper
Dates:            July 30th - August 2nd
Skill Level:      Rec, Academy, Challege and Classic
Ages:              9 -16
Times:            6pm - 8:00pm
Cost:              $85

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Night 1 – Fundamentals, Footwork, and Positioning

Basic catching techniques and introduction to the footwork fundamental steps - shuffle step and crossover step.  In the words of former US National Goalkeeper Tony Meola – “The more I compete in international and professional soccer the more important I find footwork development.”  Review of shooting angles and when to leave the goal line.  Catching Drills to Use at Home.  Good hands are all about repetition, the more you handle the ball the better your hands get.  

Night 2 - High Balls, Crosses, and Field Communication

Basic high ball catching technique, punching, parrying and ball/body protection.  How to judge ball flight and how to handle corner kicks and free kicks.  Communication tips for effective directions to teammates and to minimize confusion in the box.

Night 3 –Collapsed and Sliding Dive, Front Smother, and Breakaways

Introduction to fundamental diving and landing techniques for low balls and how to be more effective in 1 vs. 1 situations.

Night 4 –Distribution – Kicking and Throwing to Initiate the Attack

Punting, drop-kicking, throwing, rolling and goal kicks.  Many people consider keepers to be the last line of defense, but often neglect keepers being the first attacker.  How to be more effective starting the attack from the keeper’s hands or feet and help your team maintain control of the ball.