Wesley Chapel Weddington Athletic Association

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WCWAA Weddington FAQs
WCWAA Club Fees include:
  • Commitment fee is included in Yearly Club fee
  • Adidas field uniform including home/away jerseys, 1 shorts, 2 pairs of socks
  • Training T-Shirt
  • Registration & Insurance with North Carolina Youth Soccer Associations (NCYSA)
  • Registration fees with US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA)
  • WCWAA facility fees (practice field and game field usage fees, field maintenance and lighting costs)
  • Supplemental team training & goal keeper training
  • Administration costs
  • Club fees do not include team specific fees.  This is an additional cost. These fees are payable for each fall/spring season:
  • Fees will based on the number and types of tournaments the team attends
  • Coaches travel expenses
  • Referee fees based on number of league matches
  • Team camp(s) (Fall and Spring for  all U11-U14, Fall only for U15-U18 girls, Spring only for U15-U18 Boys)
The commitment fee is non-refundable. Upon commitment to a team, you are financially responsible for all Club fees as stated for the entire playing year. This still applies if players stop playing during the year unless approved by the WCWAA Soccer Board.
  • Beginning August 1, 2014, players will not be released from WCWAA unless all Club fees are paid in full and team fees are up to date at the time of the request.
  • Players with a season ending injury may be eligible for a refund or credit with the amount to be determined by the WCWAA Soccer Board.
  • All fees will be paid as stated. Statements will not be mailed but reminder emails will be sent to email of record. Any delinquent payments will be cause for WCWAA to remove your player's player card from the team. If this should occur, a service charge of $50 to reinstate a player card may be charged.

Will my child's team go to tournaments?

Yes. The WCWAA DOCs will provide a list of local and regional recommended tournaments that is appropriate for the age level and the experience level of team.

What is the difference between micro, recreation, challenge, classic & premier soccer programs? What travel is involved?

Micro starts at 3 years old and is an introduction to the love of soccer. 3 v 3 games are held at the WCWAA Optimist Park where their soccer experience begins.

Recreation is a developmental program that starts at U7/U8 where the concepts of soccer are introduced. Teams work with WCWAA trainers to learn and understand the fundamentals of soccer footwork and the concepts of the game. Games are played against other Union County soccer programs.

Challenge is the introduction to competitive level soccer.  It is where most other associations begin their programs.  Games are played citywide and coached by qualified coaches.  While this level has tryouts for positions on the team, most teams start with a core of players that were successful in the WCWAA recreation program, which is one of the largest in North Carolina. Tournaments are typically local but may include regional travel.

Classic soccer is for the more advanced soccer player.  It is the predominate competitive level in the state and there is more travel than the Challenge program.  Games are played in western NC.  All coaches are NSCAA certified. Tournaments may be local or regional. 

Premier soccer is the highest level of competitive soccer in North Carolina.  Games are played statewide, coaches are NSCAA certified and tournaments may be local or regional. This level of play is geared toward players looking to play at the collegiate level.  NCYSA governs the promotion of teams from classic to the premier level.

What is a Director of Coaching?
Directors of Coaching (DOC) work with all teams and are the support system which is responsible for the development of the players and the teams.  The DOC is ultimately response for the day to day running of the soccer program.

What extra training is available?
In addition to team practice sessions, WCWAA works with Creative Player to provide team and/or individual training sessions as well as a summer camp and winter training. 

WCWAA also provides position specific training sessions such as goal keeping which are available at no extra cost during the season.

Playing Time?
At the Challenge, Classic and Premier level playing time is based on the best players play.  It is the responsibility of the players to be their best to earn playing time. 

The policy at WCWAA is that it is up to the Coach to determine playing time for their Team.  The Coach needs to try and provide as much playing time as possible to all players but not at the expense of game itself.  All the playing time decisions need to be supported with fact so that a player is aware of what they need to do to earn more playing time and improve their game.